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First Communion


Children younger than seven who have not yet made their First Communion participate in First Communion Preparation Classes through the Faith Formation Office. First Eucharist is a two year process that can begin as early as 1st grade. The preparation includes coming to know Jesus through prayer, liturgy and retreats.

First Eucharist

First Eucharist is a process beginning in the 1st grade. The preparation is a minimum of two years which includes coming to know Jesus through prayer, liturgy, and retreats.

The First Communion discernment process involves the whole family and their readiness to receive the Sacrament.  The criteria for readiness include:

  • an active daily prayer life.

  • exhibit an age-appropriate understanding of the Catholic faith.

  • a deepening disciple relationship between the child and Jesus.

  • share a Gospel story about Jesus.

  • a desire to receive Jesus in the Eucharist.

  • a concept of God’s mercy and forgiveness.

  • a moral sense of right and wrong.

  • understands the covenant relationship with God.

  • attending weekly Sunday Mass in person.

Adolescents and Adults

Children that are 8 years and older and adults, whether baptized or not, will generally prepare for their First Communion through the RCIA process. They will celebrate their First Communion with Confirmation at the Easter Vigil liturgy.


If you have questions, please contact Rose Antognoli, Director of Faith Formation at (714) 842-3000 ext. 117 or Patty Carrillo at the Faith Formation Office  (714) 842-3000 ext. 114 or Send Email

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