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I AM Eucharistic Congress

Saturday, October 21

Christ Cathedral

“I AM” – the revelation of God’s name to Moses. A name covered in mystery, yet within it, an unfathomable declaration: Existence is here. Without origin and without end, an ever-present God speaking with a friend – a nearness that would culminate in God becoming man. Now, Eternity bound to humanity,
Existence bound to bread; Jesus waits upon the altar echoing: I AM HERE.

In response to the Bishops’ call for a National Eucharistic Revival, which invites people from all walks of life to gather in anticipation of the nearness of God. Through powerful speakers, transformative prayer, and Sacramental celebrations, we will experience the life that flows from His existence, meeting Him in the reality of His Presence.

Register for the congress online by visit:
Please bring your own lunch and dress modestly and comfortably. You can drive your own car or purchase a seat in the school bus for $20.  Our Parish is organizing a bus option. Bus seats must be reserved in the Parish Office using this form.
Please meet in front of the Parish Hall at 7 AM with an estimated return time of 4:30 PM


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