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PSA 2024

Each year every parish is asked to raise a specific amount for the PSA as part of its fair share in the mission and ministries of the Dicoese of Orange. This amount, aka the parish goal, is based on parish financials and is determined relative to all 62 parishes and centers in the diocese. 100% of every dollar raised by a parish above its goal is returned back to the parish to be used at the discretion of the pastor and/or parish leadership. Over the years, these “Parish Surpluses” have been used to funded renovation projects, building campaigns, youth programs and so many other vital local projects. This dynamic makes the PSA a truly unique opportunity to have both a local and global impact.

Contributions to the Pastoral Services Appeal, or PSA, are used by the Diocese of Orange to support various programs and ministries that further the mission of our Catholic faith: helping others find a path towards Jesus Christ. These ministries and services include Catholic Education, Catholic Charities of Orange County, Seminarian Formation, Vocations, The Permanent Diaconate, Priest Retirement, and so much more. In fact, for every dollar given, 95 cents goes directly to fund the vital initiative in our local Church. Only 5% of your contribution is used for administrative, communications and/or fundraising costs (national average is 20%).

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